Wilderness – Pastor Tommy

I grew up hiking and camping. I know the feeling of wandering in wild and unfamiliar places, of trying to follow the trail, of sometimes missing the signs and not being sure where to go next. The anxiety, the panic, of not knowing how to get back to the path I’m supposed to be walking.

So many stories in the Bible are journey stories. Stories of going from one place to another through danger and uncertainty. Stories of making our way through the Wilderness. In these stories, holy people – Saints, Prophets, and great leaders – find themselves lost, despairing, and afraid.

But in all of those stories, God gives direction. The stories and teaching of Scripture help us to find our way back toward the path toward God’s future.    

Over the next four weeks, I will be preaching about finding our way in the wilderness. This Sunday, we will talk about Jacob wrestling with the angel. We will also celebrate Holy Communion, and remember that Jesus is the truth, the light, and the way.

Sometimes we know the path and wander away from it. Sometimes we can’t see the path. Let’s spend this month seeking the path together. 
Pastor Tommy

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