September 13th Sunday School

God created the idea of the world and God made the creation come alive. God saw all that was created as good and beautiful. As people, we often struggle with seeing other people and the natural world as beautiful.
  • What if we saw all people as good and beautiful creations dreamed up and made by God?
  • What if we took the time to examine all aspects of God’s world and find the beauty in every part of God’s creation?
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God created us to be creative, and children have a natural ability to use their creativity. To keep their creativity and curiosity active, children need time to explore the world and its beauty. Children can easily enter into a partnership with God. Listen deeply to their ideas for ways to care for and keep God’s creation beautiful.
The creative Creation story continues. The swarming of the living things is a description of how all creatures inhabit the earth. God divides the animals into three categories—sea animals, sky animals, and land animals. God made a diverse population and demonstrated the importance of all things. God knew that each creature would serve a purpose and be a contributing part of creation. God did not just create one thing; God created many
How creative and wondrous all the living things on Earth are! Once when I was on vacation, I was swimming in the sea and right next to me out of the water flew some tiny, shiny blue flying fish. Those are incredible, a fish that flies out of the water. Now that’s creative!
Let’s get creative, too, by making a craft that reminds us how God created living things like the birds of the sky and the fish in the sea. This week’s craft is inspired by

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