October 4th Sunday School

Our faith word for this month is faith. The definition we use for faith is “to believe in God’s presence and hope.” This month we will explore faith through God’s promises.
Children can great faith. Children are often filled with hope, and their eagerness can be inspiring. This lesson can help children explore what their faith can be. Such faith can remind us of Abraham and Sarah, and also serves as a reminder that we too can embrace faith in God’s blessings and promises
Genesis 12:1-9 begins our introduction to the story of Abraham. Abraham is old and is asked by God to take a journey. Abraham does not speak in this passage, but God does. This story continues God’s promises to the Israel’s ancestors, including Abraham. God’s promise is a blessing. God will bless Abraham and all of his descendants. In this passage we hear a story of Abraham and his wife, Sarah, accepting God’s call and taking all their things to a new land. They travel through major urban areas in the Canaanite mountains. This area will be the homeland of Israel. Abraham and Sarah’s journey could not have been easy. It was likely very hard. But their willingness to follow God, demonstrates their great faith and hope in the future that God promises them.
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Plastic lid or shallow bowl
Safety pin
A magnet (I used a bar magnet from a can opener)
the lid of a plastic milk jug or a piece of cork/styrofoam.
Some water
God told Abraham and Sarah to go where God sent them. Their faith in God gave them the courage to follow Him.  
Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity where you and your family can follow a compass to find ‘caches’. Here are some places to find here in McKinney:
Although, you can’t take this compass adventuring with you. You can make your own compass at home.
Make your magnet by holding the needle in one hand and sliding the magnet along the needle. Lift up the magnet and repeat (you do not want to go back and forth on the needle – slide in one direction). Do this many times. You can make sure that you’ve magnetized your needle by checking to see if it can pick up the safety pin.
Pour some water into the bowl
Tap the needle on top of your lid or cork. The needle will spin until it points North.  

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