Classes and Groups
We make a big deal out of groups because, simply put, we are better together! We believe small groups are the perfect place to be real, find belonging, and grow in faith. There is great richness in life when we live it in relationship with one another.
Check out the groups below, email the contact person for more information, and meet some of the amazing people who make up the First United Methodist Church family!  Many of our classes are hybrid if you want to join online or in person!
Sunday Groups
Living Faith
This class engages Scripture from multiple perspectives, including its historical, literary, and theological contexts, while drawing contemporary meaning for our everyday lives. Includes people of all ages and all walks of life.
Sundays @ 10:05 in E215/225
Contact Dr. James Woods
Single and married adults who seek to reflect Christ by serving others and each other. Classes are interactive and focus on studying the Word, creating community, and sharing life.
Most members are in their 30s to 50s.
Sundays @ 9:00 am in C210
Contact Amy Barker
A group of diverse adults who enjoy connecting with one another and with Jesus. Harvest feels like family, focusing on growing in faith in every aspect of life. 
Sundays @ 6:00 pm on Zoom
Contact Rev. Kris Melvin
Interactive discussions on a variety of topics from the Bible, relationships, faith, family, and more. Couples, 30-50 years old, whose children range from elementary through college age.
Sundays @ 10:05 am in Y205 in the Hub (Youth building)
Contact Heather Duncan
The Jubilee class studies Scripture lessons with discussion led by class leaders. New people find a place here alongside long-time members. Most are in their 50s to 80s. 
Sundays @ 9:00 am in E215/225 and on Zoom
Contact Marky at or 
Monty & Chris at
This group enjoys both biblically based lectures and interactive discussions. Learn and laugh with this mission-oriented group. Members are in their 50s to 80s.
Sundays @ 9:00 am in the Parlor and on Zoom
Contact Steve & Ann Hubbard at
This group of active and friendly seniors is focused on growing spiritually through fellowship, prayer, study and discussion. 
Singles and couples 60s to 80s.
Sundays @ 10:05 am in the Parlor and on Zoom
Contact John Faulk
The Bridge
This is a class of young adults, 18-20s. Come as you are to build relationships through mission and service and to bridge through transitions together. Young Adults 18-20s 
Sundays @ 11:10 am E215/E225 and on Zoom
Contact Becky Ghose
A class for 30-50 year-olds experiencing life (a quest!) together, many with elementary aged children. Excited to welcome those wanting to find and build community in a supportive and encouraging environment while reflecting Christ in our communities.
Sundays @ 10:05 am B200
Contact Kristen Pereira
Self-guided Bible study group led by class members. Open participation in class discussions is welcome. Study current religious based books. Ages 40 to 60+
Sundays @ 10:05 am in C215
Contact Ken Derry
Mid-Week Groups
Faith in Action spiritually and practically seeks to bring about positive transformation to the biggest moral challenges of our time with faith-rooted justice work.
Sunday mornings, 9 am, C205 & on Zoom beginning Sept. 11, 2022.
Faith in Action spiritually and practically seeks to bring about positive transformation to the biggest moral challenges of our time with faith-rooted justice work.
2nd & 4th Thursdays at 7 pm on Zoom
Men’s Bible Study
This men’s study group encourages interaction, fellowship, and sharing prayers. Guests are welcome.
Fridays @ 7:00 am in the Parlor & on Zoom
Contact John Faulk
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