Laying a Firm Foundation – Pastor Stacey

I walked the foundation of Melissa UMC with Pastor Tommy a few weeks ago. We stood on the sacred space where our sanctuary will be, where our community will gather to pray, worship, and share life together. We stood on the sacred ground where our classrooms and coffee shop will be, where people will come to meet their neighbors and to make new friends. We remembered the journey we have been on in McKinney and Melissa since 2012 when the dream for this church began to be a reality. We celebrated our connectedness, even in a season of being physically distanced from one another.
You have the opportunity to be a part of laying a firm foundation for our new church building in Melissa. On Sunday, August 9 at noon, we will gather in person on the property (physically distanced and wearing masks) to lay blessing capsules in the foundation of our new church. You can let us know you are coming to the property or send a message to be placed on the field here: 
God is faithful as we continue the work of sharing love across our communities. We have much to be grateful for!
Pastor Stacey