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Sunday School Lessons:

September 27th

As we bring this unit to a close, remind your children that God used creativity to create a world of beauty and a world of wonder. God created the world and everything in it to be connected. No living thing—plant, animal, or person—is more important than another. Encourage your children to create beauty with God in all they do and to always look for beauty in the world around them.
Help your children know they are God’s children and that by being named a child of God, they are also responsible for doing God’s work. But, we cannot do it alone. God needs us, and we need one another, to make God’s creative and beautiful world possible. By working together, we can be creative helpers of God.
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This week, we’ll focus on the fact that humans need one another and creation needs us. As we interact with the Bible story, we’ll explore ways to care for creation and for one another. We’ll also focus on engaging with God’s creation, as we have throughout this unit of Bible stories.
In this week’s story, we learn how God created helpers to take care of the garden. We can be helpers. Let’s make a helping tree to remind us of the garden and how we are helpers!
Supplies: Piece of paper, Pencil, Crayons/markers/etc.
(maybe a grown up or older sibling to help trace)
 Place your arm on the piece of paper with your fingers spread out.  
Trace your hand and arm onto the piece of paper.
Draw the tree “leaves” around your hand “branches”
Write ways that you can help on each one of the fingers “branches” of your tree.
Color your helping tree! I added some yellow and orange to my tree to remind me that fall is here!
In this Bible story, we hear more of the second account of Creation. In this telling, God creates life with complex elements and instructions. There is a continuation of God’s good creation as it flows through rivers in the infamous garden of Eden. God places humans in the garden. This is a part of God’s creative process. God gives a second command to the humans. God asks humans to be co-creators with God to bring forth God’s kingdom. God recognizes that the human is alone. God wants to make a change. God then forms new life. God does not simply create, but God brings to life. To be creative with God can therefore imply—when we create, we bring new life into the world. The next human is then created. This is a continuation of God’s creative work. God is always engaging in creative work. The new human is called, “helper.” God is also often called, “helper.” This reiterates God’s divinity within humanity, and our call to work together, side by side, to care for all of creation


September 20

When God creates humans, God does so in God’s own image. To be created in the image of God is as if we are mirrors of God in the world. Each of us is a reflection of something greater. We are created to resemble the divine. This is a gift. Everyone has God within, and it is because of this that we are able to embrace our own unique expressions as children of God. Our ability to imagine and be creative is a part of how we are made in the image of God.
  • Wonder with the children about the diversity and beauty of all living things.
  • Wonder why God created all living things so they would work together.
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In order to view the Sunday School videos, you may have to set up an Amplify Media account for free and have access to all the videos.
This Bible story is not only about creation, but also about the creativity God places in each of us. God creates humanity. God then shares the creative process by giving humanity a part of God’s self. “Let us” demonstrates that God is not working alone. God is engaged in relationship of mutuality and shares the creative process with others.
Be “Yourselfie” – God loves you just as you are
God made you just the way you are. You are beautiful, and you are good. 
This Bible story helps children come to know their identity as a child of God. It provides a foundation of self-reflection and self-acceptance. To be known and loved by God is one of the most important messages we can teach our children. Help your children see the reflection of God in themselves and how they can use their creativity to help continue to create a beautiful world.


September 13th Sunday School

God created the idea of the world and God made the creation come alive. God saw all that was created as good and beautiful. As people, we often struggle with seeing other people and the natural world as beautiful.
  • What if we saw all people as good and beautiful creations dreamed up and made by God?
  • What if we took the time to examine all aspects of God’s world and find the beauty in every part of God’s creation?
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In order to view the Sunday School videos, you may have to set up an Amplify Media account for free and have access to all the videos.
God created us to be creative, and children have a natural ability to use their creativity. To keep their creativity and curiosity active, children need time to explore the world and its beauty. Children can easily enter into a partnership with God. Listen deeply to their ideas for ways to care for and keep God’s creation beautiful.
The creative Creation story continues. The swarming of the living things is a description of how all creatures inhabit the earth. God divides the animals into three categories—sea animals, sky animals, and land animals. God made a diverse population and demonstrated the importance of all things. God knew that each creature would serve a purpose and be a contributing part of creation. God did not just create one thing; God created many
How creative and wondrous all the living things on Earth are! Once when I was on vacation, I was swimming in the sea and right next to me out of the water flew some tiny, shiny blue flying fish. Those are incredible, a fish that flies out of the water. Now that’s creative!
Let’s get creative, too, by making a craft that reminds us how God created living things like the birds of the sky and the fish in the sea. This week’s craft is inspired by


September 6th Sunday School

Celebrate Wonder is a curriculum that honors the spiritual life of children. Celebrate Wonder will engage children in open-ended exploration and inquiry of the Bible. Through experiential activities, spiritual practices, and reflection, Celebrate Wonder serves as a biblical guide to help children make meaning for their lives. This curriculum seeks to deepen children’s faith formation and to create a safe space for children to ask big questions and claim their spiritual identity as children of God. Please visit, where you can find podcasts, training videos, mission information, blog posts, free stuff, and more,
In order to view the Sunday School videos, you may have to set up an Amplify Media account for free and have access to all the videos.
God created us to be creative, and children have a natural ability to use their creativity. To keep their creativity and curiosity active, children need time to explore the world and its beauty. Children can easily enter into a partnership with God. Listen deeply to their ideas for ways to care for and keep God’s creation beautiful. 
CREATIVITY-Prepare to Wonder
Our Bible story today comes from the first chapter of the first book of the Bible, the Book of Genesis. Genesis contains two accounts of Creation, one in the first chapter and one in the second chapter. Today’s telling is found in the first account and begins with creating light and dark, evening and morning. God made both, the light and the darkness, and each are necessary parts of God’s creation. Light and darkness serve as markers for time. In Genesis 1, the Creation account is divided into days. The repeated phrase, “There was evening and there was morning,” divides the story into seven days. The creation events are reported over six days, plus a final day of rest.
The Genesis stories also give us guidance about the beginning of life. This story sets the stage for all of creation. To create, is God’s act of bringing the world and all of life into being. God knew that the world needed both light and dark to prepare a place for all that was to come. The Bible story mentions the light will be bigger and the darkness smaller. The world is created from a formless void and a great darkness. But, light is a symbol of life. Each day the light pushes away darkness and gives way to a new creation. God gives each a place in space and time and calls it good.
We too can bring light into the world. Through our creativity we are an expression of light. God’s light lives within each one of us and reminds us that together we can create God’s world. Children are also incredibly creative and bring so much light into the world. We let their light shine when we encourage their creativity and see it as very good.
Welcome back to Craft Corner! I hope you all are having a wonderful back-to-school. 
As we learn about God’s Creation, it makes me think about how creative teachers, administrators, parents, and students have been! What a wonderful gift of creativity that God gives us. 
Let’s get creative together.
Shaving Cream Earth craft.


August 23 Sunday School

Today’s Bible story is about the apostle Paul. Everywhere Paul went, he searched for opportunities to preach and share the good news. Paul’s news wasn’t always welcome, however. During Paul’s conversion experience, God told Ananias that Paul would have to suffer and sometimes he did. In this week’s Bible story, we read about one of the multiple times Paul was put in prison.
Paul was thrown into prison for healing a slave woman. While healing a woman sounds like a good thing to do, especially for the woman concerned, the woman’s owners were not pleased. Once the slave woman was healed, they were no longer able to use the woman as a fortune-teller to make money for them. The owners’ indignation with Paul and Silas was mitigated by greed.
The experience of Paul and Silas in prison illustrates Paul’s zealousness in spreading the good news. While Paul and Silas were in prison, they passed their time by singing songs and praising God. There was an earthquake that opened the prison doors and broke their chains. Presented with an opportunity to escape, Paul and Silas instead stayed and witnessed to the jailer.
It might be tempting to applaud Paul’s efforts, then sit back and assume that the work of spreading the good news is done.
However, there are still people today who need to hear this good news–the news that Jesus is alive and that God loves them.
Paul and Silas were not singing and praising God because they were in jail, but because they believed God was with them in jail. They believed that God was with them in good times and bad times. We believe that God is with us in good and bad times also. It is OK to praise God in the hard times as well as the good.
Paul and Silas could see only a part of what God was doing in their situation. They chose to praise God anyway, with surprising results. We, too, can choose to praise God in our dark moments.
What difficulty do you face? Pray that God will help you sing praise in difficult times.
Fellowship with others and education were central to Paul’s ministry of encouragement and spreading the good news. When we gather together as a community of faith for worship and Sunday school, we are recognizing what Paul knew—that for the church to grow and thrive, people need to meet together and learn about God. When we invite others to join us at church, we are helping spread the good news of Jesus.


News and Announcements:

Zoom Sunday School

Zoom Sunday School is back!!  We’re excited to “see” everyone for Sunday School at 9am Sunday mornings.  We will follow up Sunday School with Facebook Live.  Email Ms. Meg for the zoom info.


3rd Grade Bibles

Third Graders – mark your calendar for September 20 when you will be presented with a special Bible.  
We love the tradition of giving all of our 3rd graders a Bible to use in Sunday School, worship, and at home.  Although this year will be a little different, we will still be presenting them in a special way.

ABC Devotionals

ABC Devotionals

ABC Devotionals
Are you enjoying our daily, alphabet-themed devotionals?  These short, fun videos are great for the
whole family.  You can watch them anytime: breakfast, after school, during family dinner, whenever!


Facebook Live

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 for Facebook Live.  Ms. Cheridy helps us prepare for worship.  It’s a great way to start your Sunday!


Race for Grace: Kids Riding for Kids

You can help change the life of someone your age in Haiti! Kids are encouraged to take part in Kids Riding for Kids by asking for financial donations from friends and family to support them as they bike, walk or scooter in their neighborhood on August 29th.
We have new 2020 shirts for kids to wear while they ride.
Sign up here to complete a registration form for each child participating. Be sure to include shirt size. (Shirts may be picked up at First United Methodist Church)
Email your “race” pictures with you riding in your shirt to Cheridy Dodd.