Grace to Rejoice – Pastor Tommy

Dear friends,
This Sunday is Palm Sunday. It’s the day we remember Jesus returning to Jerusalem for Passover. Crowds of people came to celebrate his arrival, singing hosanna and laying down palm branches before him. It’s always one of the most joyful Sundays of the year!
It feels a little difficult to rejoice after the last twelve months. I know that. For many of us, grief still seems too near. We carry burdens of loss, death, guilt, and isolation, and these burdens are not easy to lay down. But during Holy Week, grief and joy exist together. The celebration of Jesus coming to Jerusalem. The injustice of his arrest. The tragedy of his death. And the everlasting joy of his resurrection. We feel and remember all of these.
I have plenty to rejoice about, when I think about it. The Texas sage in front of my house that I thought had been killed by the snow is breaking out in new leaves. Friends and loved ones who have been on my mind for months are finally getting their vaccines. And, of course, we will be worshiping face to face again this weekend!
Pastor Abe and I will be leading a special outdoor devotional and processional around the church grounds on Sunday, singing songs and rejoicing. If you haven’t RSVPed to let us know you’re coming, please click here! You can also join us for online worship at 9:00, 10:05, and 11:10 on our website. And don’t forget to look at our schedule of Holy Week and Easter Sunday services, both online and in-person.
Come celebrate with us! We will keep wearing masks, distancing, and taking care of each other. I know that God will give us the grace to rejoice together once again.