Please know that we have many resources to help you and are always available.  Let us know if you need to speak with a pastor or you can also call our direct pastoral care line (469) 408-6682.  We can also recommend other resources or services.  If this is an emergency situation, please call 911 or 988 for the suicide and crisis lifeline.
Video Message from Pastor Tommy
The events at the Allen Outlets are weighing heavily on all of our hearts. We hope this message and these resources are helpful, and please reach out if you need to speak with a pastor.

As you speak with your child, here are some suggestions to keep in mind:
-Use clear, specific language about what has happened. Keep your explanation brief and as calm as possible.
-Let your child ask questions and answer them as simply as you can. If you need to, it’s okay to say, “I don’t know how to answer that. Let me think about it and we can talk again.”
-Children react to loss with a variety of emotions. Many will want to maintain an environment of normalcy and maintain their predictable routine. 
-Let them know that it is normal to have different types of feelings and that they may share any of those feelings with you at any time. It is okay to share that you are feeling sad as well.
-Your child may cling to you or express fear that you or another family member will die. Reassure your child that you take good care of yourself and that you act in ways that help keep you safe.
-It is normal for a child coping with stress to experience sleep disruption, changes in appetite, physical complaints such as headaches, irritability, or to display regressive behaviors such as thumb-sucking. They may also be reminded of prior losses.
(Adapted from McKinney ISD Counseling Department
Below you will find PDFs of articles about helping children and families with difficult situations or trauma.