Change is Coming – Pastor Tommy

Dear Friends,

You don’t need me to tell you what the last fifteen months have been like.  Fifteen months!  We have gone through so much fear and isolation.  We have lived with uncertainty.  And through it all, we have found new ways to connect and be the Church together.

In McKinney and Collin County, our COVID numbers are heading in the right direction.  More and more of our congregation has been fully vaccinated.  These are encouraging signs.  Throughout this crisis, your church staff and leadership have worked hard to keep everyone safe.  Our beautiful, historic church building helps us feel close and connected when we gather together, but it has given us a unique challenge when trying to figure out how to avoid crowding together in small indoor spaces.  I’m pretty sure “crowding together in small indoor spaces” was almost chosen as our church motto, but I’m glad we went with “sharing the heart of Christ from the heart of McKinney” instead.

With all this in mind, we will be starting a new worship schedule and new safety procedures, beginning next month. Starting June 6,  we will be resuming our 8 o’clock Sanctuary and our 11:10 Sanctuary and Wellspring services.  We will be putting our Outdoor service on hold.  And, while we will still encourage everyone to wear masks (especially while singing), fully vaccinated people may choose to take their masks off indoors.  For more information about these changes, you can find our announcement here.

We are taking steps toward normal again.  Small groups are coming back, and we are working to provide new spaces and times for them to gather.  If your group wants to meet in person but doesn’t want to give up the flexibility of a zoom meeting, we would love for you to try out our new technology to hold hybrid meetings – the church staff will help you get it set up.  As always, we will continue our online worship, where people from all over the US and the world worship with us every Sunday.

Keep being disciplined.  Keep caring for each other while we get completely to the other side of this.  Keep praying for your church.  If you can get a vaccine, please do.  And I will see you in worship.
Pastor Tommy