January Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Sunday, January 31st  

8:00am to 12:30pm

Church St. Auditorium, lower level

Blood supply is critically low and unstable in our community.  Please help us reach our goal!  If possible, please register online, you can also complete the donor questionnaire online using QuickScreen, and plan on bringing/wearing a mask.  All donors will be tested for COVID antibodies.




We have poinsettias that need a home! Please come pick a few up from under the bell tower. Take them home or leave them for a friend or neighbor! (ASAP 1/8)


2021 Giving Commitment

Your financial gift can make a BIG DIFFERENCE for the mission and ministry of First United Methodist Church McKinney.

Please visit our stewardship page to find out how to give and to fill out your commitment card!


October 18th

We learn here that there are always questions about God’s desires for our lives, but in this story, we learn that God always keeps God’s promises. Even when they might be different than anything we could have imagined.
Children need to know this important message. They might have big questions and not always understand what it means to follow God. But when they hear that God promises to go with them, they can find comfort in the midst of a wondrous and sometimes complicated faith.
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In order to view the Sunday School videos, you may have to set up an Amplify Media account for free and have access to all the videos. The link is here: https://www.sharingtheheart.org/amplify-media/
Stars in the Sky
Paper plate (or thick paper and a large bowl to trace a circle – I used a paper grocery bag and a piece of thin cardboard and both worked!)
Print out of stars or cut out your own
Glue stick
Hole punch
Small piece of yarn
1. If using paper instead of a paper plate, turn a large bowl over onto the paper and trace around the circumference of the bowl. Then cut out circle.
2. Color both sides of your circle (paper plate/paper)
3. If you are using the star print out, color the stars (I colored both sides) 
4. Start on the outside of the circle and cut a spiral to the center of the circle. (You may need a grown-up or sibling to help out.)
5. Cut out stars
6. Glue stars on the circle. (I put some on both sides)
7. Pick up the center of the spiral and make a hole in the middle. Then thread the yarn through to make a hanger for your star spinner.
Spiritual Practice
Exploring faith through God’s promises.
Use the shapes to do breathing prayers.
When you see shapes, you can do these prayers and remember God’s blessings and promises.


August 30th Sunday School

Psalm 100 is a psalm that children can understand.
Here is a Bible verse that actually tells them to make noise!
This week, appreciate the joyfulness that comes naturally to many children.
Have fun joyfully worshipping and praising God together
The word worship means to show reverence and adoration for. When we worship God, we offer our thanksgiving, our love, our adoration, and our praise to God. Worship also allows us to take time from our hectic schedules to center on God and God’s great love. Worship does not have to be done in a church setting. You can take time wherever you are to worship God. When we worship, we use our hearts, minds, and, yes, we can use our bodies too! Think of liturgical dance.
A Call to Worship
The Book of Psalms is a collection of sacred songs or hymns. People of God have sung songs to God in worship since biblical times. Psalm 100 is one of the best-known psalms in the Bible. The psalm starts with our Bible verse for this month, “Shout triumphantly to the Lord, all the earth!”
Explain to the children what the Psalms are and where they can be found in the Bible. Let them know that the Psalms were a way for biblical people to express their emotions of sadness, fear, and anger, as well as joy and praise. Let them know that worship can be loud and noisy or quiet and peaceful.
There are many ways to worship God. Point out to the children acts of worship, such as giving an offering, being present by marking your attendance, singing, praying, and being thankful.
Think of the many ways you have worshipped in the past. Was there a worship experience where you felt closest to God?
Take time each day this week to spend time in worship. It can be singing praise to God or silently praying.
God loves our adoration whenever and wherever we give it.


Vital Conversations

Faith In Action’s will be hosting Vital Conversations for the next 5 months.  Vital Conversations are monthly small group discussion that take place online. These conversations are focused on short videos from the Vital Conversations video series produced by the United Methodist Church General Commission on Religion & Race. Following the video, we will engage in group discussion based on the video. Vital Conversations takes place monthly online via Zoom on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10:00am and 7:00pm and last an hour and a half.  Choose the time that works for you. All are welcome! To sign up, email:  FaithInActionMckinney@gmail.com
Leader:  Faith In Action
2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:00am and 7:00pm (September 2020-January 2021)
Contact:  FaithInActionMcKinney@gmail.com