A Very Caldwell Christmas

We are so excited to share another Christmas with our friends at Caldwell Elementary School!
Ever since we adopted Caldwell years ago, we have sponsored their Angel Tree, making sure students (as well as their siblings) all get to have a wonderful Christmas. The tree will be in the hallway at church on November 20th!  
We are also having a free food pantry at the Caldwell Christmas event for the parents to “shop” for food.  If you would like to volunteer or make a donation, please email Pam Parmley or call the church office.
Visit our Angel Tree!
The Angel Tree will be in the hallway from November 20th through December 4th.  There are 300 Angels to adopt this year!
You will get instructions on how to package and return the gifts. Gifts are due back at the Church by December 5th.
Want to be involved but can’t make it up to get a card in time?  Email Caitlin for ways to be involved!
Christmas shopping is going to be stressful this year!  If you don’t feel like shopping this, you can make a donation through our online giving portal and we’ll put your gift toward presents for our angels or food for their families.  If you can, your gift of $35 or more will make a big difference.
Would you like to volunteer to work at this event?  Email Pam Parmley for details!  We are also looking for volunteers who speak Spanish!
Pop Up Pantry @ A Very Caldwell Christmas
We are having a food pantry where the parents of our Angels can “shop” for free groceries during the Angel Tree event.  Your gift helps provide food.  $10 buys masa flour, sugar, and cooking oil for a family.  We are providing food for 150 families!  What a Christmas gift!  CLICK HERE TO DONATE.