To the parents of McKinney Youth – we are thankful for you, your families and your commitment to this church and youth group! We are here to be support for you in any way we can. We know there are a million things on your lists and calendars. This page is intended to be THE place with all the information, links, forms, etc. that you need for your youth. We are praying for you and your family as we continue to move into a closer relationship with each other and with God. 
Contact CJ Rice or Deidre Imthurn with any questions.
We need a medical release form for every active youth. If they are on/off campus with us at anytime during the year, we need a release for them. You only have to fill this form out once, unless there is a change in insurance. 
The proceeds from this coffee bar go directly to the First UMC youth group as fundraiser that provides scholarships for youth who want to continue their journey with God at a number of youth events. The Youth Ministry is responsible for working the odd months of the year. 
In an effort to streamline our dinner teams this year and make sure our youth are loved and well fed we are creating a system to help keep us organized. The specific youth event is listed and approximate servings needed are also included with the sign up.  
Make sure you are following us on social media to stay up to date, see pictures and connect with us!