Wrestling with Doubt: Finding Faith
A Wellspring Sermon Series
Everyone has doubts. Where is God when bad things happen? Does God hear our prayers? Is there a heaven? How can we know? Often, we treat such questions as the enemy of faith. But uncertainty doesn’t mean our belief is lacking. Doubt can be a path to a deeper, richer encounter with God.

In Wrestling with Doubt, Finding Faith, we’ll explore some of our most significant sources of doubt and show how a steady trust in God can emerge from them. We will delve into questions like: “Does God exist? How can I know?” “Is the Bible true?” “Why do prayers go unanswered?” “Why do the innocent suffer?” and more.
Whether you’re a longtime Christian or beginning to wonder about the Christian faith, this series will encourage you to a trust in God who is unafraid of our hard questions. Wrestling with Doubt is not about certainty or simple answers. It’s about deepening our belief and strengthening our faith amid life’s holy mysteries. Series begins Sunday, April 7.