On Target: Living On Purpose

Would you say your life is driven by design or default? Are your actions and outcomes shaped by intentionality or according to the demands of your schedule and the expectations of others? 

We believe life has a purpose beyond our daily routines, and when we live on purpose, we experience the fullness of life. That is what the series On Target: Living on Purpose! is all about. 

Put feet to your faith. Take action in the direction that leads to God. Take action in living out your purpose.
Use the My Purpose Statement guide to clarify your purpose and write your “on target” sentence. 

Instead of trying to do dozens of things this year, what if you did one thing really well. 
What would it look like if you focused on just one thing this year?
Use the One Word guide to identify the one thing you will focus on this year.

Consistency in one direction is the key to significant life change. What would it look like you daily pursued after the heart of God?
Use the Staying On Target guide to clarify the consistent actions that will help you live out your faith.