Communion – Pastor Tommy

This Sunday is Communion Sunday. I can’t believe how long it has been since we worshiped together in person. I miss it. I know you do, too.
Because it has been a different experience in the mornings, it has been harder for me to get ready for worship. I have to be more intentional in prayer on Sunday morning. I have to limit distractions. A few weeks ago, waiting in my office for our service to start, I decided I should take time to clean my desk. I ended up accidentally throwing away my sermon notes, and didn’t realize it until I went in the sanctuary to start worship! Now, instead of cleaning or scrolling through social media, I breathe deep. I spend time picturing your faces and praying for you by name.
Take time to get ready this Sunday. Prepare an altar, maybe a cross and a candle. Pray over the elements as you lay them out. Picture the faces of your church family members, of everyone you love and miss, and pray for them by name. Pray for your pastors and worship leaders (pray that they aren’t frantically searching for Tommy’s sermon notes!). Pray for the Spirit to come.
We will worship together on Sunday. Be strong and courageous. Do not grow weary. God is with us. See you online.