September 6th Sunday School

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God created us to be creative, and children have a natural ability to use their creativity. To keep their creativity and curiosity active, children need time to explore the world and its beauty. Children can easily enter into a partnership with God. Listen deeply to their ideas for ways to care for and keep God’s creation beautiful. 
CREATIVITY-Prepare to Wonder
Our Bible story today comes from the first chapter of the first book of the Bible, the Book of Genesis. Genesis contains two accounts of Creation, one in the first chapter and one in the second chapter. Today’s telling is found in the first account and begins with creating light and dark, evening and morning. God made both, the light and the darkness, and each are necessary parts of God’s creation. Light and darkness serve as markers for time. In Genesis 1, the Creation account is divided into days. The repeated phrase, “There was evening and there was morning,” divides the story into seven days. The creation events are reported over six days, plus a final day of rest.
The Genesis stories also give us guidance about the beginning of life. This story sets the stage for all of creation. To create, is God’s act of bringing the world and all of life into being. God knew that the world needed both light and dark to prepare a place for all that was to come. The Bible story mentions the light will be bigger and the darkness smaller. The world is created from a formless void and a great darkness. But, light is a symbol of life. Each day the light pushes away darkness and gives way to a new creation. God gives each a place in space and time and calls it good.
We too can bring light into the world. Through our creativity we are an expression of light. God’s light lives within each one of us and reminds us that together we can create God’s world. Children are also incredibly creative and bring so much light into the world. We let their light shine when we encourage their creativity and see it as very good.
Welcome back to Craft Corner! I hope you all are having a wonderful back-to-school. 
As we learn about God’s Creation, it makes me think about how creative teachers, administrators, parents, and students have been! What a wonderful gift of creativity that God gives us. 
Let’s get creative together.
Shaving Cream Earth craft.

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