September 27th

As we bring this unit to a close, remind your children that God used creativity to create a world of beauty and a world of wonder. God created the world and everything in it to be connected. No living thing—plant, animal, or person—is more important than another. Encourage your children to create beauty with God in all they do and to always look for beauty in the world around them.
Help your children know they are God’s children and that by being named a child of God, they are also responsible for doing God’s work. But, we cannot do it alone. God needs us, and we need one another, to make God’s creative and beautiful world possible. By working together, we can be creative helpers of God.
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This week, we’ll focus on the fact that humans need one another and creation needs us. As we interact with the Bible story, we’ll explore ways to care for creation and for one another. We’ll also focus on engaging with God’s creation, as we have throughout this unit of Bible stories.
In this week’s story, we learn how God created helpers to take care of the garden. We can be helpers. Let’s make a helping tree to remind us of the garden and how we are helpers!
Supplies: Piece of paper, Pencil, Crayons/markers/etc.
(maybe a grown up or older sibling to help trace)
 Place your arm on the piece of paper with your fingers spread out.  
Trace your hand and arm onto the piece of paper.
Draw the tree “leaves” around your hand “branches”
Write ways that you can help on each one of the fingers “branches” of your tree.
Color your helping tree! I added some yellow and orange to my tree to remind me that fall is here!
In this Bible story, we hear more of the second account of Creation. In this telling, God creates life with complex elements and instructions. There is a continuation of God’s good creation as it flows through rivers in the infamous garden of Eden. God places humans in the garden. This is a part of God’s creative process. God gives a second command to the humans. God asks humans to be co-creators with God to bring forth God’s kingdom. God recognizes that the human is alone. God wants to make a change. God then forms new life. God does not simply create, but God brings to life. To be creative with God can therefore imply—when we create, we bring new life into the world. The next human is then created. This is a continuation of God’s creative work. God is always engaging in creative work. The new human is called, “helper.” God is also often called, “helper.” This reiterates God’s divinity within humanity, and our call to work together, side by side, to care for all of creation

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