October 11th

We learn here that there are always questions about God’s desires for our lives, but in this story, we learn that God always keeps God’s promises. Even when they might be different than anything we could have imagined.
Children need to know this important message. They might have big questions and not always understand what it means to follow God. But when they hear that God promises to go with them, they can find comfort in the midst of a wondrous and sometimes complicated faith.
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Stars in the Sky
Paper plate (or thick paper and a large bowl to trace a circle – I used a paper grocery bag and a piece of thin cardboard and both worked!)
Print out of stars or cut out your own
Glue stick
Hole punch
Small piece of yarn
1. If using paper instead of a paper plate, turn a large bowl over onto the paper and trace around the circumference of the bowl. Then cut out circle.
2. Color both sides of your circle (paper plate/paper)
3. If you are using the star print out, color the stars (I colored both sides) 
4. Start on the outside of the circle and cut a spiral to the center of the circle. (You may need a grown-up or sibling to help out.)
5. Cut out stars
6. Glue stars on the circle. (I put some on both sides)
7. Pick up the center of the spiral and make a hole in the middle. Then thread the yarn through to make a hanger for your star spinner.
Spiritual Practice
Exploring faith through God’s promises.
Use the shapes to do breathing prayers.
When you see shapes, you can do these prayers and remember God’s blessings and promises.

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