March 21

In the Bible story, Jesus is beginning his journey toward his death. As Jesus comes to terms with the coming days, he is experiencing many emotions. While his disciples sleep—despite Jesus’ instructions to pray—Jesus goes to pray. He is searching for comfort and guidance in the midst of his overwhelming feelings. Sometimes we do not know how to express or understand our emotions. Yet our emotions are trying to teach and tell. When we experience emotions, there are things we can do to help. Jesus teaches us that we can talk to God.

It is important to honor children’s experiences and to allow them to explore difficult topics. In doing so, you can guide children to go to God with what is hard, just like Jesus did. It might not change the outcome or take away something painful that already has happened; however, it can bring comfort to know that God goes with us and is present in the midst of our big emotions. These big emotions are felt even by the littlest children, and it is our job to help them know that God is there to comfort and guide them.


Jesus was praying at a time of sadness and uncertainty for him. Jesus showed by example that we can pray to God when we are scared or frightened. Prayer brought Jesus comfort, even though he did not receive the answer he was looking for. We can learn that prayer can happen anytime we are feeling lost or afraid. God will listen.


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