Take the first step – plant the seed!
Everyone’s first step is not the same.  For some, the first step may be looking at their finances and making a plan for yearly giving.  Others may reevaluate their giving plan so that they give monthly rather than yearly.  Still others may be able to increase their amount or frequency.
No matter where you start, the important thing is that you start!  The discipline of giving is an important part of our faith.  It is a way to serve, and it requires prayerful thought.  Find a way to incorporate this into your life and you will be blessed.
Make a commitment – care for the gift!
Once you have decided on an amount of giving and the frequency, make the commitment!  Fill out your giving card and return it to the church (or click here to fill it out online).  Writing out a commitment makes it more concrete and will help on this journey.
Don’t stop here!  Tend to your gift.  Part of the discipline of giving is intentionality.  Spend time thinking and talking about your purpose for giving.
For more information on tithing, resources about the spiritual discipline of giving, or talking about giving with children, click here.
Watch it grow – see the change!
You planted the seed, you’ve tended it, and with time you can see how it grows.
Small acts of financial generosity can really make a big difference!
Small Things, Big Difference is a commitment to making manageable, incremental acts of giving and watching how the change adds up.  Intentional actions will make a difference in your life and the mission and ministry of the church.
Would you like to talk about how giving is used to support the church’s ministry?  Email Caitlin to learn more.