Get to Know Our Church!

Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Join

First United Methodist McKinney

Methodism 101 Class, April 16th at 11:10AM: Curious about what it means to be a United Methodist? Have questions about how United Methodism came to be? Join Pastor Macie in the Parlor to learn about our history and future as United Methodists.

Get to Know First United Methodist Church of McKinney Class, April 23rd at 11:10AM: Join Pastor Macie in the Parlor to learn about the mission and ministry of our church! This is wonderful for new members, members who want to learn more, and anyone interested in this church.

Join the Church Sunday, April 30 at any service! Walking down by yourself in front of the whole congregation to join the church can be a little intimidating. Join the Church Sunday is a chance to join as part of a small, more private group instead. Feel free to fill out our New Member Form in advance so we can have your New Member Gift ready!  Do you worship online? You can join in a special Zoom session at noon! Email Pastor Macie to sign up!

For more info, please email Pastor Macie. An email with more info about this and a denominational update can be found here.  You can also visit our page on being inclusive for updates and videos.