Consecrated! – Pastor Stacey

To consecrate means to set aside something as sacred or holy. On September 19 at 9 and 11 am, Bishop McKee will lead us in a service of consecration for Melissa UMC. We will celebrate God’s presence in the space we share, the altar table, the pulpit, the baptismal font, and more. It is a gift to be able to gather and celebrate God’s goodness, while remembering the courage and boldness it took to get to this point in our journey together. We will be celebrating our 9th birthday on that Sunday as well. When you look back at the last 9 years of your life, where have you seen God’s faithfulness and for what are you thankful?

Walls and buildings are a tool set aside to be used for God’s goodness but they are not the body of Christ in the world. We, the church, are called to be connected to one another. We have sacred moments in our own lives and sacred friendships that we know are set aside for God’s presence to be known in our lives. Like a moment when you recognize the work of God in the space between your everyday earthly life and your hope for life eternal. Or a moment when a beloved friend reaches out at just the right moment because they were just thinking about you. These are sacred moments of connection that remind us of our connection to God and to one another.

May we be a people of God, consecrating the sacred spaces in our lives and celebrating the sacred connections. Be bold & courageous, friends… and remember you are loved!

Pastor Stacey

Oh… speaking of Connections, Connections Coffee at Melissa UMC is now open 7 days each week from 6:30-10:30 am. I’ve had the chance to learn how to brew espresso and spend some time in that drive-thru window talking to friends and neighbors who needed a morning boost. I hope you’ll stop by sometime soon!