Caring for God’s Creation – Pastor Ed

We have all heard the story of the Creation in the book of Genesis in the Bible. For the longest time growing up, when I thought about Creation I thought about the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, the animals… not so much the humans God had also created. For some reason, for me, these humans belonged in a different category, as if they were more special and above Creation. Do not ask me why!

But then, it dawned on me the humans were indeed part of the whole of God’s Creation! And the Bible highlights that everything God created was “good” and “very good.”

Only God can generate “good” (goodness) in God’s own Creation. We need God to instill in us goodness. Only God’s goodness in us will empower and enable us to care for God’s Creation: the life in the sea, land, and air; and of course, our fellow humans! God has placed you and me, the humans, in a position to care for God’s Creation. That means God wants you and me to care for each other, as well! That means we will do no harm to each other, and we will do everything we can to do good towards our fellow brothers and sisters.

I think when we are able to see other people as God’s beloved and very good Creations, and that they have also been created in God’s own image, we will be able to unleash God’s “good” (goodness) into the world as God intends us to.

Pastor Ed

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