God’s Redemption and Transformation – Book Study – From Homeless and Hungry to Wholeness and Helping

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Week 1 – October 18 – 9AM – We begin our journey with Yvette in Chapters 1 and 2.  We discover how she became homeless and how one kind interaction began the journey toward healing. One small gesture can make a huge difference!
Week 2 – October 25 – 9AM –   This week we will be learning how the current pastoral staff of The Roadside Church, Barry and RaNea Card, started this ministry.  They will share their journey how God works in their lives and continues to open doors.  Their story is very similar to Yvette Carters from chapter 3. 
Week 3 – November 1 – 9AM – Our next chapter is talking about what is Food Insecure VS Food Stable.  This week we will be talking with Pam Parmley who has always had a passion for helping feed those that are in need.  She has led our ongoing food program “Feeding Friends and Family” working alongside Community Lifeline Center.
Week 4 – November 8 – 9AM – Our chapter is Helping the Outcast our guest this week is Paul Ballesteros from the organization Emmanuel Labor.  Their motto is “LOVEtheONEinFRONTofYOU”.  Paul will share the importance of acceptance and relationship.  His organization works to remove the Lessness from homelessness.
Week 5 – November 15 – 9AM – This week we will be learning about the ministry of Steetside Showers with Lance Olinski.  Lance has a deep passion to provide showers to those in need.  To bring dignity to one person at a time.  This ties into our 6th chapter The Growth and Ministry of Open Arms.
Week 6 – November 22 – 9AM – We will conclude our book with Final Thoughts. This book shows us that each of us can spread the Love of Jesus Christ even in small gestures.  Make it a goal this week to be mindful of each gesture you do no matter how small.

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